Website Pricing: How Much Does Website Design Cost? 2023 Development Prices

Because portfolio websites mainly constitute images, videos and text, you’ll likely need a good amount of website storage. For example, an $16 per month plan gets you 2 GB of storage to store media on your site. You might have also noticed that there is a very large price range to hire a designer for an eCommerce website. That’s because many eCommerce sites have many moving parts and can get a bit complicated. A pre-made eCommerce website template can help you navigate the labyrinth that is online stores so you can create your own. Websites need to be hosted on a server to show up on the internet.

This is necessary because you might end up doing more work at a low website design cost. Whether you are designing a new website or redesigning the previous one, you need to be careful with the features you add and how much they affect the cost. Content creation varies from $500 to $5,000 depending on how much content the client wants and how often they want it. Plus, the annual cost of website maintenance costs about $500 to $1,000. Freelancers typically make a higher rate than in-house web designers because they don’t receive health insurance and other perks that employees receive.

Now that you know the different factors influencing website maintenance costs, here are some frequently asked questions about the topic. A do-it-yourself approach means more affordable website maintenance service costs. It’s an excellent option for budget-conscious website owners or those who prefer to be hands-on with maintenance. The total cost of a custom eCommerce website depends on the required features. For example, an inventory management tool may not be necessary if you sell digital products like eBooks or online courses.

How Much Does Building a Website Typically Cost

Every website needs a domain, and the renewal price ranges between $10–129/year. For instance, a fast-loading and optimized WP theme will be a bit costly. The number of integrations like Maps, Payment gateways, shipping, inventory may also affect the average price for website design. So, if you deal in an industry that is booming, the average cost of website design will surely be high. Hence, to enable customer interaction in these, you need to equip them with add-on features. It’s a good idea to question the client extensively before providing prices to make sure you understand their budget and project requirements.

If you choose to charge your clients a flat rate for a new website, it’s best to break down any potential total by the estimated hours the project will take you. This gives you a rough hourly rate, which will make it easier to decide if the website will be a worthwhile project. Reasonably skilled freelance web designers make about $75 per hour. However, as you would expect, a website redesign with an agency costs the most. Your experience will vary further depending on the experience of your freelancer and your project details. If that’s the case for you, you should be ok signing up for a Wix free plan.

What’s the Cost of Building an eCommerce Store?

Also, go over color schemes to make sure the site fits your brand and what you want to show your readers. So while you can build a website with just the hosting and domain cost, based on your situation, you may end up paying for additional tools and services. That’s why it’s often confusing for people to find out the real cost of a WordPress website. ECommerce sites have additional maintenance costs due to features like payment gateways and inventory management. Optional eCommerce features like dedicated support and email marketing can lead to even higher maintenance costs.

Alternatively, you can hire experts in various fields of marketing to help you grow. Hiring people tends to cost more than licensing online marketing tools. For example, Upwork says the average freelance social media marketer charges between $14 and $35 per hour. Comparatively, Hubspot’s Marketing Hub, a popular marketing tool, starts at $20 per month. A website requires maintenance from time to time, whether you’re looking to make updates, need new functionality or simply need something fixed.

DIY Website Design

Additionally, customized website designs often require more time and effort from the web developer, which can impact the cost. Let’s say you create your site on a platform that doesn’t have built-in SEO or social media tools. In that case, you might sign up for a premium keyword research tool like Semrush with plans starting at $119.95 per month. You might also sign up for Hootsuite to schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. You can create a website for a personal project for free, if you don’t mind a subdomain and display ads. You can start with a budget website using free plugins and templates.

How Much Does Building a Website Typically Cost

It may have a purchase shopping cart or response form to fill out to make it easy for visitors to buy or get more information about its products or services. Many small businesses don’t realize how important it is to sign up for a secure sockets layer (SSL) service provider. An SSL certificate is a digital authentication of your website’s identity and enables an encrypted connection for security purposes.

New startups with limited budgets and no web developer often have to start small. ThemeForest offers tons of affordable website themes to choose from (especially for WordPress) that usually cost around $30 to $100. All of these factors can affect the cost of your website redesign, whether you’re doing it yourself, hiring a freelancer, or working with an agency.

OPTION 2: Attempt To Do It Yourself (DIY)

But more complex sites, especially multi-page websites with extra features like a blog or online store, can take much more time to design and implement. Always get a clear sense of the scope of the website design project before agreeing on a price. We recommend using HubSpot’s CMS Hub, which costs about $300 per month. They have many customizable themes to choose from, or you can build one from scratch using their drag-and-drop builder.

How Much Does Building a Website Typically Cost

If you want to include additional features, such as a bookings app to schedule appointments or sell tickets online, you’ll need to factor these into your final cost. With almost 285 million online shoppers in the U.S. alone, the world isn’t moving toward digital business models—it has arrived. That’s why starting an online store is a great option for making money online. Want to find out how much it costs to build your website with a professional?

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In other words, a CMS makes managing your website and publishing content easier. Here’s a detailed look at the factors that influence website costs and what determines them. We’ve provided average cost ranges based on both do-it-yourself solutions and higher-end approaches to help you estimate expenses. He’s has more than 20 years of experience in SEO, paid search, eCommerce and digital marketing. His accomplishments have been referenced by many well-known publications and industry experts such as Forbes, Neil Patel, Clutch, CNBC, USA Today and more.

How Much Does Building a Website Typically Cost

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, reliable tech support helps fix issues before they impact traffic and customer experience. Access to a customer service team makes a big difference when encountering problems like website crashes, broken contact forms, or security breaches. The cost of Hostinger cloud hosting varies, ranging from $8.99–$29.99/month.

  • For example, with a Wix Premium Plan, you get a drag-and-drop builder, hosting, custom domain names, simple website templates, a CMS and more.
  • The success of your business online is highly dependent upon the design of your website.
  • Website maintenance costs are a factor that many website owners don’t calculate.
  • As a business website, you would want to spend money to grow your business.
  • If done correctly, users will find navigating the site easy, enjoyable and relevant to them.

It’s also required to accept online payments, so any online store will need an SSL. Regardless of the type of custom website you want to create, one effective way to reduce custom WordPress site costs is by using the SeedProd plugin. SeedProd is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create custom themes and page layouts without editing any code. To support a custom WordPress site, you may also want to go for a managed WordPress hosting provider. This is a WordPress-centric hosting environment, with managed updates, premium support, strict security, and developer-friendly tools. Remember the best way to keep your costs down is by starting small and adding extensions and services as your business grows.